Nose Piercing Tips

During The Healing Of The Nose Piercing:

  • Check the tightness of the jewel during cleaning
  • Do not attempt to remove or change your jewelry yourself without being able to put it back and in any case during the healing period
  • Avoid aspirin and other anticoagulants (alcohol in large quantities too) during the first 15 days of healing
  • Do not touch your unhealed piercing, it is the # 1 cause of infections
  • Change the pillowcases once a week.
  • Pay attention to putting on clothes, styling and playing headphones
  • Never put alcohol on your piercing: it hurts and it prevents healing
  • Do not put on a bandage, the maceration preventing healing.
  • For those who work in very dusty or oily places, run the piercing with clean water, then dry during breaks.
  • For vegetarians and vegans, a trace elements + zinc supplement is recommended to boost healing (eat Tofu!).

After Healing Of The Nose Piercing:

  • Clean your jewelry once a month after healing.
  • Always disinfect your jewelry when changing
  • Do not leave your piercing without jewelry, it can close very quickly, even when scarred. The weather is very variable depending on the person but it can happen in less than 8 hours at the beginning.
  • Cartilage enlargements are strongly discouraged

Whether during healing or after, the ideal jewelry for nose piercing are nose jewelry , rings or horseshoes .

The favorite piece of jewelry should be the “corkscrew” nose stud ; its shape is the most suitable for this piercing.

Pain For A Nose Piercing

Pain is different from person to person. The discomfort lasts only the time of the piercing and makes a small tear flow.

Once the piercing has been placed, the pain has already disappeared, there is no visible redness on the nose.

Treatments: Nose Piercing

We must avoid shocks and snags (towels, cotton pads, clothing …). In the evening, before bedtime, put an antiseptic spray without alcohol for a maximum of 7 days, outside the nose (never inside). It is then necessary to dab the excess product.

Apart from daily cleanings, do not touch your nose piercing, as the hands are a source of bacteria.

Healing: Nose Piercing

Healing depends on each person. Note that a removed nose piercing can be closed in a few hours.

If you lose it, put a straight-shank earring in place and come back to your piercer quickly to get it back to you.

Always do a nose piercing apart from a cold as it will make healing difficult.

The Change: Nose Piercing

The prosthesis should be kept for at least 1.5 months. The change of the first jewel must be done by a professional. This allows you to see if everything is going correctly and that i show you how to change it in turn).

It is imperative not to put money during the first 6 months because it is a material which oxidizes and will leave an indelible stain on the skin (due to the humidity in the nostril). Prefer a piercing in gold , steel or even bioplast (flexible material).

Nose Piercing & Granuloma (Growth Of Flesh)

Granuloma: It is a small growth of flesh often due to repeated blowing, hanging (clothing) or over-care. It is important not to pierce this ball, do not touch it, do not use antiseptic. This small lump can disappear in 2 to 3 days without consequence by applying compresses of warm salt water for 2 days.…